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#1 - Halo Reach (360)

It’s the final Halo game from Bungie and the most complete and full featured co-op experience you’re going to find this fall. Online and offline co-op, split screen, split screen with online, campaign co-op and Firefight are all present for what’s certain to be the game that eats Xbox 360 owners time away this fall.  It's Halo Reach and it's almost here with online match making for all its game modes.

The story follows the fall of Reach, the last human fortress that stands between the Covenant and Earth.  You'll be teaming up with three of your buds and their customized Noble 6 Spartans - bedazzled out by the goodies you've unlocked just from playing any of the games modes.  After the campaign is over it's onto Firefight where infinite play options are available as you take on the endless waves of enemies.

Then you can relive that all on the web.

Halo Reach is out on September 14th.

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So what games did we miss?  To us it looks like Microsoft has positioned itself to have the heavy co-op hitters this holiday season.  One thing is for certain, don't count out Spring 2011 - there's a lot of solid titles coming down the pike as well.