Co-Optimus - Editorial - The Top 5 Most Anticipated Co-Op Games This Fall

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#3 - Fable 3 (360, PC)

We’re pretty sure Lionhead has seen the error of their ways with Fable 2 and will correct all of them with Fable 3. “True” co-op is being added so you can bring your character and dog in and out of friend’s games and you’ll no longer be constrained by that ridiculous camera. In fact, you can go off and do whatever you want in the world. That sounds familiar....

Other improvements include streamlined combat and magic, a brand new menu interface, and plenty of touching.  Of course the biggest news for co-op pals is they can finally live their life long dream of having a virtual baby in a virtual world and promptly teach it to kick chickens.  

The Xbox 360 version is out on October 26th.  The PC version has been delayed with no new release date announced.  Fable 3 wills support both local and online co-op for two players.


Fable 3 News: