Crackdown 2

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes

Samoza’s Co-op Achievement Methods (SCAMs) - Page 3

The above photo realistic designs should help with Pin Cushion and Co-op Keepy-Up

  Pin Cushion - 10G

Now we move away from the world of helicopters into a much darker arena, human harpoon fishing.  This achievement requires you to attach five people to one vehicle using the harpoon gun (a weapon you unlock when you develop your gun skills).  Doing this solo can be a tricky business, so why not join a sociopath friend?

One player should find a large vehicle e.g. the Agency SUV or a lorry.  They then drive it slowly around the city near to some likely victims; you have to do this carefully as not to startle them.  The achievement does not require that you use enemies, so if you are feeling mean you can use the general population as they are more docile.  Meanwhile, players 2-4 are biding their time nearby until the victim and the vehicle are lined up - pop.  Rinse and repeat until the vehicle is covered.  This is a bit of a dark achievement in my opinion, but still quite funny when done as a duo. 

  Co-op Keepy-Up - 10G

This is an actual co-op specific achievement that requires you pass a vehicles back and forth using the UV Shotgun between two or more agents for at least 3 passes.  It can actually prove pretty tricky, but this tip helps.  All the players should stand near a tall (and preferably wide) building.  The first person to shoot the car with the UV Shotgun (unlocked early in the game) should aim towards the building.  This means that rather than flying miles away the vehicles will be trapped in a smaller space.  All the other players need to do is lock onto the vehicle and keep shooting it towards the building.

  Car Jump - 10G

This is another achievement that is not strictly co-op, but is so much easier with a pal.  You need to jump from one moving vehicle to another.  This can be done by yourself, but why go it alone when you can rig it will pals?
The more players the better for this achievement.  You should all meet up on a long stretch of highway during the daytime cycle with the biggest vehicles you can find – the SUV will do again.  Now all you have to do is one player stands on top of a friend’s car and then you all drive side by side till you get some speed up.  Then when the time is right lock onto one of your allies’ vehicles and jump.


There are plenty of other achievements to be gained in Crackdown 2 in terms of both solo and co-op game.  I have just highlighted some of the more entertaining achievements that can be gained with a little ‘constructive’ thinking (cheating).

Have you any tales of amusing achievement gathering in Crackdown 2?