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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Xbox 360 Games

So now you've got the gear you need.  Whatcha gonna do with it?  You're going to play these awesome co-op games, that's what you're going to do!  (Or at the very least, buy these for a loved one, then make them let you play with them.)  Yep, all these titles are co-op; locally, online, or both.  Follow the links to get all the information you need.

For the Music Lovers

DJ Hero 2  ($149.99 Bundle)

The other 'Hero' title.  DJ Hero 2 has made vast improvements over the first one.  If turn tables are more your speed, then this is the music title for you.  Co-Optimus Review


Rock Band 3 ($49.99)

With a huge set list, pro mode, and the awesomest instrument of them all, the keytar, it's hard to go wrong here.  Little known fact:  Metallica kicked Dave Mustaine out of the band because he wanted to play keytar.  Co-Optimus Review


 For the Military Enthusiast

Apache: Air Assault ($49.99)

Sick of seeing the battle from the ground?  Bomb enemies from afar with your Apache helicopter in Apache: Air Assault.  All the action, none of the PTSD.  Co-Optimus Review


Call of Duty: Black Ops ($59.99)

This is the big one.  With an actual story, vast multiplayer, and a huge amount of co-op options, this is the military shooter that puts other to shame.  Oh yeah, and you can kill zombies as Robert McNamara!  Co-Optimus Review




For the Apocalypse Lovers (Zombie or Manga)

Dead Rising 2 ($49.99)

It's like Vegas, but with zombies.  Duct tape stuff together to make awesome weapons.  Fend off the zombie hordes while looking for medicine for your infected daughter.  You can put chainsaws on a dirt bike!  Co-Optimus Review


Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage ($57.99)

So you want a little more Manga in your apocalypse?  Use your special moves in this brawler to make people's heads explode.  Not the most polished game, but fun for the whole family!  (This game is not appropriate for the whole family.)  Co-Optimus Review