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Co-Optimus Holiday Buyer’s Guide Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable Edition
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Co-Optimus Holiday Buyer’s Guide Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable Edition

It’s true: For some people, the holidays can be a real nightmare. We’re here with protagonist of the acclaimed Capcom series “Dead Rising 2” Chuck Greene and his daughter Katie to get a few tips on what gamers might like as a gift this holiday season. This guide is intended to make the terrifying less scary, and who better to walk you through it than Chuck and Katie?

Hi everyone, Katie here wanted to make sure you heard the best possible options for gaming as a couple, with friends, or with important members of the family who are sometimes left out of the fun. She’s listed her favorites and the games she thinks I'll like - I'm just here to keep her from tangents and give some useful information ont he side.

PS3 Co-op Game/Blu Ray bundle ($349.99)

This PS3 bundle pack is perfect for daddy and me. It’s got his co-op type of game with Uncharted 2, and the new Karate Kid movie for us to watch as a family. Now that I don’t need my Zombrex anymore, we can just enjoy movies on the PS3’s updated Netflix options all day and night, too. - Katie


Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 ($29.99)

Harry Potter is a perfect example of what families can enjoy together. Daddy likes the tame Lego atmosphere with fun challenging puzzles, and I really like the Harry Potter world to play online with my friends or locally with daddy. - Katie



Army of Two: The 40th Day ($28.99)

 If you want some local and online co-op action, this is where you want to go. The Army of Two guys have come to my shows a few times and we got to talking - it’s great to just chill with your buddies once in a while no matter where you are. - Chuck



Dead Rising 2 ($59.99)

How could we even do this without people playing, enjoying, and spreading the world on the co-op in my game. Pretty soon I’ll be hooking up with Frank West from the last game, maybe to figure out this Zombie problem once and for all. - Chuck



PSN Cards ($20-$50)

Available in $20 and $50 increments, these handy cards make the holidays less of a nightmare. They will allow gamers to choose their own Playstation Network poison in the form of great co-op games, movie rentals for the family, and content for existing games. - Chuck

(Our recommendations for PSN card purchase: Soldner X-2 Final Prototype, Castle Crashers, Kick-Ass, Dead Nation are all great titles).

Playstation Move Bundle ($99.99)

 For people that want to make sure they're fit like my daddy, they'll want to practice sports on the Playstation Move - archery is good for shooting zombies, soccer is fun because it's just fun. The Move will get you up off your butt for lots of fun exercise this holiday. - Katie