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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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"Prance" isn't exactly a word you hear an awful lot these days.  According to, it refers to the springing movements of a horse (or a reindeer, I guess).  My first thought for a game to tie in to this was Barbie Horse Adventures.  Alas, that one isn't in the database.  Luckily for us, another game with a horse is.  Bullseye, Woody, and Buzz teamed up earlier this year for a surprisingly good co-op movie tie in.



The primary meaning of vixen is "a female fox".  Over time, it has come to refer to a mean-spirited woman of the human species.  But we'll use the original meaning when looking for a co-op game fit for a vixen.  One of the greatest songs by guitar legend Jimi Hendrix refers to a "Foxey Lady"; could there be a more appropriate song?  And what music game supports the download of this classic tune?  The best one available, of course.



This reindeer's name, as any young stargazer can tell you, refers to a certain type of celestial object.  These heavenly bodies travel across the stars in eccentric orbits.  The game tie in is obvious.  Though the co-op was limited, Mario's high speed journey through different galaxies and the superbly imaginative locations found throughout the game's levels made it the closest a 3D platformer can get to heaven. 



Named after the Roman god of love, this reindeer is probably so named for a pleasant, kindly disposition.  We typically think of Cupid as being a chubby, pink baby with wings, shooting arrows, nowadays.  So we are looking for a game that is an easy, laid back experience, something you could enjoy with pretty much anyone.  The perfect game for Cupid even has a cute pink flying character in it, too.  A fine match!