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"Say something funny, babe...I have to write a Co-Op Couples about this tonight."

Maybe it was just the lack of another presence in the room. Maybe it was the absence of someone saying, “try that ledge”. Whatever the reason, the second half of my playthrough was lonely in contrast to the first.

Now I find myself looking forward to playing single-player games that I had missed, like the Mass Effect series; and as my kids get older and show more interest in cinematic entertainment, games like ‘Splosion Man and Kirby’s Epic Yarn can be just as valuable in our lounge as co-op games.

One day, the children will play. But first Daddy has a few teaching points. Watch and learn.

Most importantly, though: if it weren’t for Co-Optimus and the encouragement for couples to play together, I doubt that my non-gamer wife would have the patience to watch me play Enslaved with as much enthusiasm as she did. Knowing how the action is controlled puts a bystander’s mind at ease, I think.

It will be good to get back to gaming together as a couple...but honestly at this point I’ll take whatever participation I can get. It’s been a long year for us, and having someone in the room to laugh at a funny character line, snicker at a physics glitch, or cheer you on during combat scenes is much more refreshing than playing alone.

Once again we’re breaking the rules of solitary gaming. Welcome to Co-Optimus.

Should have had two-player co-op? YES. Still possible to be enjoyed by two people? YES.

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