Co-Optimus - Editorial - On The Download Issue 26: Betterized Ports

On The Download Issue 26: Betterized Ports - Page 2

New in Download and DLC:

Hard Corps Uprising has been dated on the Playstation Network. We can look forward to co-op platforming Contra-style shoot ‘em up action on March 15th. Also on March 15th we’ll be playing Slam Bolt Scrappers on PSN. That’s one busy co-op Tuesday. Gatling Gears is showing off some screens - they’re looking nice and co-op in the twin-stick shooter style.

We’re also looking forward to a prequel to the Interstellar Marines game set to be released on PSN and XBLA. The prequel hasn’t been detailed or dated, but the developers seem confident they’ll be able to share some backstory for the game they’ve been working on for years now.

Free for You

PAX East Coverage. That’s right, I’m only sharing that we’ll be at PAX East - and I’ll be covering quite a few downloadable titles while I’m there just for you. The coverage will be mixed in with everything else, but hopefully we’ll be nice and organized to bring you a special PAX East On the Download in two weeks. Cheers!

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