Co-Optimus - Editorial - The Co-Op Games of 2012 Preview

The Co-Op Games of 2012 Preview - Page 2


It’s been one of our most anticpated games for years now, but it seems Aliens Colonial Marines (360, PS3, PC) will finally shed the vaporware category and hit consoles and PC with a bang. Four player online co-op through the campaign in the gritty Alien atmosphere should make this a top notch experience.

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City (360, PS3) takes the franchise in a new direction, creating a tactical shooter set in the city that started it all. Players can use persistant characters that they upgrade through gameplay.

I won’t lie, we’re featuring Shoot Many Robots (XBLA, PSN, PC) here because it features Co-Optimus characters Billy and Friends as a usable item in the game. That said, we’re mixing Contra with item collection and character customization for a ridiculously addictive formula. Four player local or online co-op in this is going to be insane.

Diablo...3? Maybe? Possibly. We should know soon if the Lord of Darkness will be joining our co-op gaming regiment.



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