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End of Year

The end of the year, as of now, is pretty barren, with only two standout titles. The first we know will have co-op, but we don’t know for sure if it’ll be out. The second will be out but we don’t know if it’ll have co-op.

Borderlands 2 (360, PS3, PC) will be bringing us back into one of the most addictive co-op games of this generation with an all new cast of characters, quests, and of course millions of weapons. Everything we’ve seen from the game looks like a much tighter experience, lets just hope we see it this year.

Halo 4 (360) is promised for a release this Fall, and its 343’s first original Halo title since the whole Bungie split from Microsoft. There’s a good bit of the team still left at Microsoft’s studio, so there should be little doubt they can pull this one off. We haven’t had official word yet on co-op gameplay, but considering every Halo game to date has had it, we’re fairly confident in its inclusion.

And...that’s about it. Of course all these dates and estimates are subject to change. We’ve only gone on the information that was available to us at the time of publishing. In fact, during the course of putting this article together we had one date shift on us. 2012 should be an exciting year for co-op fans, at least the early parts, the end looks pretty barren. We’re sure that space will be filled by plenty of downloadable titles when the time comes.

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