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Do not tell Nintendo that I took this photo, or I will have to kill you

Goldeneye Wii

See the above image?  Well I hope you appreciate it as it cost me my dignity.  Whilst most game PR people fall over themselves to be joyous and helpful, Nintendo seem to suck the fun out of their employees so that they can pump it directly into their games!  After taking said photo I was given a stern telling off, but I still managed to get a 10 minute game of 4 player split screen versus on the new Goldeneye Wii.  The game was immense fun and recaptured the glory of old fashioned couch versus that I have not played in several years.  You could choose from many of the classic characters, including the cheap option of Odd Job (his smaller size makes headshots harder) or Daniel Craig’s craggy visage.  The graphics were just about acceptable, but some of the textures needed to be sacrificed to have four people playing at once.  It is becoming a real issue for Nintendo that the Wii is not in HD; I found some of the text extremely hard to read. 

As well as being the first time to try Goldeneye Wii, this was also the first time to try out the new advanced control pad for the Wii, which resembles a cross between the 360 pad and some LEGO.  The new pad has triggers and a duel joystick configuration finally dragging Ninty into the late 90s of gaming controls.  This meant that Goldeneye controlled like any other conventional FPS on the PS3 or 360 and did not make use of the Wii’s (no longer) unique control method.  Therefore, the game is probably suitable for people who only own a Wii as it is likely to become one of the best FPSs on the console, but owners of a PC or HD console will find it a little basic.  Nostalgia is a powerful tool, but I ain’t paying full RRP for it.