Co-Optimus - Event - Beyond Co-op @ Eurogamer Expo 2010 Part 1

Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Full of fail

Gran Turismo 5

The latest incarnation of one of Sony’s biggest selling games has taken longer to come out than (insert inappropriate joke here).  I will hold my hands up and say that although I have owned a couple of games in the Gran Turismo series, I have found them beautiful to look at, but extremely dull; the gaming equivalent of a supermodel.  The emphasis on simulation and the ability to tweak the minutia of each real life car may excite petrol heads, but for someone who sold their car 4 years ago, I could not care less.  With this extreme bias I sat down to give GT5 a chance…

…and need not have bothered.  Once again the game looked good, but whilst once the series was head and shoulders above the competition, now it is only slightly better, or even just on par with the likes of Burnout Paradise etc.  It was not the look of the game that disappointed me, but the control and feel.  Simulation is meant to be fun, but simulating the inability to drive and crashing repeatedly into a fence as you simply try to turn a corner – is not fun.  Unlike some of the other games that I previewed at the Eurogamer expo I did not stick around GT5 for too long and a more in-depth look at the game by a racing fan may be more positive.  All I know is that I was not the only person tearing their hair out as they failed to get a grip on even the simplest of maneuvers.  I think I’ll leave this one in the pits when it is released early November (that’s unless it stalls once again).