Tom Clancy's HAWX

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
HAWX Co-Op Interview - Buzzing the Tower with Tom Clancy
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HAWX Co-Op Interview - Buzzing the Tower with Tom Clancy

After getting our hands on HAWX at the New York Comic-Con we knew we had to dig deeper into this 4 player co-op title.  Thankfully the game's community manager Adrian Avram came to the rescue and answered our questions concerning the game's cooperative mode.  


Co-Optimus: Was the game designed with co-op in mind from the beginning?

Adrian: Yes, absolutely. The game’s mandate from the start was to offer seamless, fun coop throughout the entire campaign. 


Co-Optimus: Can you play co-op through the whole single-player campaign or is it just relegated to choosing a mission?  Basically, do all players get to see cutscenes and the story in co-op mode?

Adrian: You can play co-op through the whole single-player campaign, all the players being able to see the cutscenes and the story in the same way that they would see them in singleplayer.  


Co-Optimus: When playing in co-op do all players get the progress saved or only the host?

Adrian: Everything the players get unlocked in the campaign progress, achievements/trophies, challenges, unlockable items is saved for them, regardless if they are host or client. 


Co-Optimus: Does the HUD show you the co-op players so you don't run into them?

Adrian: Yes, your teammates are clearly shown on the HUD.  


Co-Optimus: Is friendly fire enabled and can it be disabled?

Adrian: HAWX does not have any friendly fire option, so you will not be able to shoot down your own teammates.  


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