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Co-Op Game Release Alert

It's an exciting week in the co-op world.  We have a game designed from the ground up for cooperative play finally hitting the store shelves.  EA's Army of Two for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 should find it's way to retailers on Wednesday.   We've had plenty of coverage on the game here at Co-Optimus, but we hope to bring you...

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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Review

We've just posted our review for Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom on the Xbox 360.  The game is an action/RPG game that sort of a cross between Dynasty Warriors and Diablo.  The great thing is the game features 4 player drop-in and out co-op action.   But as you will see...that isn't necessarily a good thing.   ...

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More Army of Two Co-Op Details

From the looks of things the game's AI has been beefed up significantly since journalists previewed the game to mixed reactions last fall.  There's a whole new aggro system in place which allows one player to draw the enemy fire more than another.  The advantage of this is it allows the secondary player to sneak around and take out badguys from the back.  Nice!  Being a co-op game, what would happen if you'd try to leave your partner behind?  Well the WSJ asked the same question.

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Lego Batman Hands On

The core elements such as co-op gameplay, Lego blocks, and collectible studs remain, but the rest has been refined, polished and tweaked to provide an even more satisfying and solid experience.

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Co-Optimus Deals - Support Co-Optimus

We'd just like to take a moment and thank our sponsors for helping to keep the site afloat. With that, why don't you take a look at the deals below and see if anything peaks your interest! And don't forget to check out our Store! We only have co-op games available to purchase there! Super Smash Bros Brawl - Pre-Order the hottest Wii game ever!...

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Full, Pure, Uncut Co-Op

I know I'm not the only one excited about Vegas 2, heck it's the second highest in pre-order sales currently. I played a ton of the first Vegas. I played even more of the co-op mode (mostly split-screen). However, there was always something missing. What was it? You can probably say it with me. Story. Where was the story in co-op mode? It w...

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The Buddy System of Co-Op *NSFW*

There's a commerical for Conflict: Denied Ops which appears to have aired only on the internet.   It shows off some real world Co-Op tactics.  How does it do that?  Imagine yourself at a bachelor party.  Now imagine the stripper comes out on stage but you and your buddy are stuck behind a crowd of people unable to see the show.  What do you do?  Squad tactics of course.

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Castle Crashers is Ol' Fasioned 4 Player Co-Op Fun

Castle Crashers is a high intensity, 4-player co-op, action hack and slash game. The game is all hand drawn and rendered in beautiful HD. The gameplay is very much like the old two and a half demensional side scrolling co-op fighting games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, and The Simpsons arcade games.

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