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  • Co-Opticast Episode 123: Wizards for Everyone Episode


    We've booted Jason to the curb...hurrah! Actually he's just too "busy" to join us, so we've called Taylor into sub in another Diablo 3 filled episode. We also chat about Age of Wonders 3, Goat Simulator getting co-op, and of course...wizards.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 122: Praise the Cupcake Edition


    It's a special birthday episode of the Co-opticast as one of our hosts celebrates theirs. There's a whole lot of Dark Souls 2 talk this episode, much to the chagrin of Nick. Ready to praise the sun and all that? Listen in or watch!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 121: Loot 2.0 Edition


    The crew is hooked on Diablo 3 again. How did this happen? Oh right, huge patch, bonus XP, and impending expansion pack. Outside of that there's lot of other games to chat about and then a lengthy discussion on the death (maybe) of consoles.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 120: Shoveling the Roof Episode


    Despite living north of the wall in Canada, Locke learned a valuable life lesson on the latest Co-Opticast - you should shovel the roof if there's too much snow on it. Outside home ownership tips from the crew we chat about Wild Arms, Titanfall, Hawken, and Bravely Default. After that it's onto news and the first listener voicemail in a LONG TIME.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 119: Probably The Bleakest Episode


    Could it be any more bleak? Not only does the crew discuss a game that claims to have one of the bleakest stories ever told in Blackguards, but we talk about Nintendo's downward spiral of profitability. Is the company doomed? All that and more on a frigid Co-Opticast!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 118: The 2013 Co-Op Game of the Year Edition


    Welcome to our 2013 Co-Op GOTY episode. Listen to the crew weigh in on our favorite games of last year, a peak at what's coming out on 2014, and chatting about what they've been playing currently.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 117: The Xbox One Episode


    We dive deep, so deep, into Microsoft's Xbox One. Giving first hand accounts of the system, the games, and the user interface. On top of that there's lots to talk about in what we've been playing - including some Risk of Rain love.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 116: The PlayStation 4 Launch Episode


    It's here! It's here! It's shiny and black and it glows blue. It's so pretty! The PlayStation 4 has finally launched and Nick and Jason are here to tell you all about their experience with Sony's console. Don't worry there's plenty of talk about Dark Souls 2 and some PC games...but...but...PlayStation 4!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 115: FORCED To Listen Episode


    The Co-Opticrew is back to talk about their recent dealings with the recently released FORCED, a game they streamed the prior week. Also on the table Mike gushes about the Hearthstone Beta, Locke hints at How to Survive, and Nick reverts to a 9 year old boy.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 114: The Steam Machine Episode


    It's been far to long since we've talked. But we're back. Sadly there wasn't much to talk about in our absence, instead we waited until we had an episode chock full of content. Steam OS? Got that. Steam Machines? Got those too. Gameplay impressions of Takedown, GTA V, Guild Wars 2 content? Yup - all here. We've also got a brand new format - ask questions LIVE when we broadcast. Check our Google plus page for details.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 113: The You've Killed Jason Episode


    They say laughter is the best medicine, but in this episode we prove it can also be DEADLY. We also need to apologize ahead of time, we manage to offend not only certain religions, but Disney, cats, and large corporations in this episode. We're not exactly sure what happened. It's ok though, after all of that we preview the co-op games coming out this fall.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 112: We're Back, Video Not Included Episode


    We're sorry but you can't see us on YouTube for this episode due to a technical glitch with Google Hangouts. Don't worry, our sultry voice can entertain you with the latest co-op news before discussing the upcoming console "battle." Could the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 be one of the most even battles we've seen in decades?

  • Co-Opticast Episode 111: Let's Talk Free to Play


    Nick, Mike, Locke and Jason take you an epic adventure through time and space in the latest episode of the Co-Opticast. Ok, maybe not - but they do talk a lot about what they've been playing while touching on the news before diving into the meet of the episode. Free to Play games. There's a lot of solid ones out there so be sure to listen to some of our impressions.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 110: The Steam Sale Episode


    Quick, someone get Locke some help. The dude has managed to buy ALL OF STEAM during the sale currently going on. We mix things up this episode and chat about what we've bought on Steam before we dig into what we've been playing, the latest co-op news, and then a discussion about Co-Optimus 4.0!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 109: The One Where We Discuss the One


    We discuss the only sensible thing to discuss on the latest episode of the Co-Opticast - the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Well mostly we just discuss the Xbox One and how the policies and change of policies are effecting it's pre-launch hype. We do have a lot of impressions to offer as well, including Company of Heroes 2, Fuse, and a few other co-op games.