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  • Co-Opticast Episode 108: The Xbox One Episode


    The Co-Opticrew is back with their thoughts on the Xbox One the rumors surrounding just how the gaming market is going to change and what it all means while proclaiming about PC gaming superiority. Speaking of which there's plenty of talk about Fallen Enchantress, Skyward Collapse and several other titles along with some E3 rumors.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 107: The Cyclops Sacrifice Episode


    This very special edition of the Co-Opticast is brought to you by Soul Sacrifice and its ability to be played on the toilet. Don't worry, we don't ONLY talk about Locke's bathroom habits - we do dive into the latest news like Diablo 3's hacks and of course, Borderlands 2 DLC. Finally the crew weighs in on next week's Xbox reveal.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 106: What's Yours is Mine Episode


    It's a short episode this week but there's one game we HAVE to talk about - and that's Monaco. It could be the co-op game of the year already, and if anything, it's completely unique. Check out the goods as Locke, Nick, Mike and Jason dive into what makes the game great for each of them.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 105: Full of Shtacko Episode


    Here we are at Episode 105 and we're knee deep in shtacko! It's all about Defiance this episode, well not totally, but we certainly dive deep into the co-op game and TV show. Plenty of co-op news to discuss as well including some up and coming DLC and Dark Souls 2. Finally we wrap up with some hefty discussion about franchises and wearing themselves to thin.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 104: The Hunting Monsters Episode


    It's time we had a talk about Monster Hunter. Or at least, listen to Mike educate us on the latest game. Along with that we touch on free to play titles and if they are really worth your time, talk about the latest co-op news and dive into Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 103: The SimCity Episode


    SimCity is all up in the news these days and for all the wrong reasons. What should have been an incredibly interesting and unique co-op experience was marred by server issues and other problems. The Co-Opticrew discuss everything about EA and Maxis's always on requirement and talk in depth about the game in general.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 102: The PlayStation 4 Episode


    The PlayStation 4 has been announced! But we haven't seen it, so how can it be real? We discuss the specs and what they mean - is it a PC? Is it a console? How many videos can you stream? Does it even game, bro? There's also plenty of chat about what we've been playing and of course there's tales from the bonfire - which means more Dark Souls talk much to Jason and Nick's chagrin. Also we have cheat codes for classic Genesis games.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 101: DungeonSpace Land 3


    We're a man down this week, most likely because of contracting some strange necromorphing virus. Locke, Jason and Nick hold down the fort and give their impressions of DungeonLand on the PC and Dead Space 3. There's plenty of co-op, plenty of gore, and surprisingly lots of goodies pop out of corpses in both games.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 100: 5 Years of Co-Op Gaming Episode


    100 Episodes, 5 Years. It's been one heck of a ride here on the site and on the podcast. This special episode features the usual co-op discussion, touching on the news, and then several guests. So who showed up? Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) from Xbox Justin Korthoff from Robot Entertainment Philip Kollar from Tim Keenan from Misfits Attic Lots of great discussion about co-op games, gaming, and the industry on a very special Episode 100 of the Co-Opticast. Note: This audio is ripped from a live interenet recording, so the quality may be a bit lesser than normal.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 99: Game of the Year 2012 Episode


    Mike, Nick, Locke and Jason weigh in on the co-op games of 2012 listing off their favorite titles and announcing the website's top picks as well. There's also plenty of talk about XCOM, Far Cry 3, and Dark Souls. Just don't forget to play by the rules.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 98: The Give Yourself a Present Episode


    You know what's fun? Punching tigers in the JAW while trouncing through the jungle. In this episode we talk Far Cry 3 and all it has to offer in both single player and co-op, we dive into Guardians of Middle Earth, Miner Wars 2081, and some of the advanced stuff in Borderlands 2. Afterwards Mike tells us all about the Wii U.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 97: Locke's Mustache


    You simply can't ignore it. You can't not look at it. It beckons you. It calls to you. It's Locke Vincent's mustache. No kids, he does not have candy. It's episode 97 of the Co-Opticast and the crew is knee deep in whatcha been playin. After talk of Halo 4, Blops 2, Persona 4 and its unique co-op mode and plenty of other goodies it's onto the news and then some detailed discussion of the new co-op zombies mode in Call of Duty.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 96: The Halo 4 Episode


    Locke and Nick have a problem. He's 6 foot 7, green, and weighs 400 pounds. His name is Master Chief. There's plenty of Halo 4 talk to go around as we dive into the campaign, Spartan Ops and yes even the competitive multiplayer. We also dive into some news story - including several high profile titles dropping competitive to focus on co-op as well as one company's troubles. Finally we wrap up with some healthy discussion of the Wii U - which launches this weekend. What, you didn't realize that either?

  • Co-Opticast Episode 95: The Colonel Fundip Episode


    Oh XCOM, how we wish you had co-op play. Perhaps it's for the better, as we already spend way too much time battling the alien menace turn by turn. We've got a short and sweet episode for you this week where we talk about what we've been playing including impressions of Miner Wars, Painkiller Hell and Damnation, Borderlands 2, and many other quality titles.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 94: The Resident Evil 6 Episode


    Co-Opticast Episode 94 is upon you and with it comes an episode full of different opinions on Resident Evil 6, the latest in big co-op titles to release this fall. Mike and Nick offer their views on the co-op title and whether or not it would be worth your $60. There's also some co-op news to chat about as Locke and Nick talk how awesome Sim City is looking, how War Z is coming, and the Co-Optimus Extra Live campaign. All that and more in Episode 94!