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Every fortnight (that's fourteen days, biweekly, or every two weeks for those who can only count on one hand), Nick Mike, Locke, and Jason bring you the latest in co-op news, witty banter and the occasional special guest. Download us to the device of your choice, hang on and enjoy the ride.

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  • Co-Opticast Episode 93: The Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 Episode


    Two of the biggest co-op games of the year are here - Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. The crew dives head first into the loot filled explosion of Action / RPG goodness and comes out mostly unscathed.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 92: The PAX 2012 Episode


    Episode 92 is hear to assault your ear holes with some talk about PAX 2012 and all the indie game goodness it held.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 91: A Bunch of Chuckle Heads


    Co-Opticast Episode 91 is assaulting your ears with the melodic tones of Locke, Nick, Mike and Jason as they sing you the song that is cooperative gaming. This episode we talk what you been playing with the highlight being Team Fortress 2's new Mann vs. Machine mode. After that we talk about Diablo 3 and how more people are playing single player than are playing co-op. What a bunch of chuckle heads!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 90: The Lower Thirds


    Locke, Mike, Jason and Nick are back with a brand new edition of the Co-Opticast. After a meaty what you've been playing segment it's off to discuss the latest news like a 58 hour Borderlands 2 campaign. The show's topic looks at single player games whose sequel features co-op play. Join us for Episode 90!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 89: I Made a Game with Blue Shields


    Episode 89 is here after some delay. It's been a slow summer in terms of actual games being released, but that's a good thing for at least a few of our podcast hosts as they've been busy making their own game! Nick chats it up about what it's like to be on the other side of the PR fence with SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance and the crew talks about the few news stories that are out there right now. Episode 89 is here folks, get it.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 88: E3 2012 Wrap-Up


    It's a facial hair extravaganza with Locke rockin the stash and Andrew going baby face. Oh right, we talk about games though, not men's grooming habits. It's E3 news the entire show as we talk about the games we played, the people we saw, and the goods we delivered.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 87: Big in Europe


    It's an Action/RPG special! Join the Co-Optimus crew with Nick, Mike, Jason and Locke as they discuss the following games: Torchlight 2 beta Diablo 3 Grim Dawn and Orion: Dino Beatdown. The gang then delves into a lengthy discussion about action RPGs.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 86: Free to Play


    There are those that said this day would never come. The day that hardcore gamers talk openly about Free to Play games and actually admit to playing them. And that's exactly what happens this episode. Along with the Free to Play discussion the crew discussed the Diablo 3 beta and the slim pickings of other co-op news that is going on.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 85: PAX East 2012 Wrap-Up


    The Co-Opticrew has been busy! This may be the shortest what you've been playing segment ever! That's probably good though as there's plenty of other content jam packed into this episode. Nick is back from PAX East with the report from the show floor as well as talking about showing off Blue Shield Alliance. Of course there's some solid chat about the recent co-op news as well. All that and more in Episode 85!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 84: Fingle This


    Join the Co-Optimus crew with Nick, Mike, Jason and Locke as they discuss the following games: Ninja Gaiden 3 ME3 Co-Op Journey Radiant Historia Shoot Many Robots Fingle Draw Something We also discuss the pertinent news of the past week, as well as dig deep into the wonderful co-op mystery that is Journey.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 83: XxShepardLordXx (The Mass Effect 3 Episode)


    We're not quite sure how to explain what happens on the latest Co-Opticast, but we do want to apologize in advanced. After a meaty what you've been playing segment where the crew all played Mass Effect 3, they moved onto the news. Can you say Diablo 3 release date? We then discuss the launch of the new it too soon? Finally onto more ME3 talk. It sounds innocent...but is it? Find out in the latest Co-Opticast.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 82: The Great White North


    Co-Opticast Episode 82 is here. Our new quad of hosts are finally hitting their stride as they manage to talk about all the co-op goodness they've been playing. From Syndicate to the Vita there's lots of impressions to be had. Then it's on to user blogs to discuss what we want from our games. After that it's onto the news and the biggest announcement, or rather hype, Borderlands 2. Yes we spend 30 minutes talking about a 3 minute trailer. Not really. Maybe.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 81: The Vita Episode


    Our quad is down to trey after Mike is out for the count with a stomach bug. No worries, Jason, Locke and Nick come in with a hefty what you've been playing session to fill the void. Afterwards we discuss news and highlight some awesome user blogs. After that? It's onto the Vita with some hands on time live on the air. *NOTE* The video version is a little messed up for the first 12 minutes. We're still figuring out the technical aspects of this.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 80: Revelaiting Skyrim Cats


    Join the Co-Optimus crew with Nick, Mike, Jason and Locke as they discuss the following games: Skyrim, RE: Revelaitons (demo), Saint's Row the 3rd, Soul Calibur 5, Fallen Enchantress, ,MGS: Peace Walker HD, Ascension (iPhone). We also touch upon some news items from the last week: Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed again. Rayman Origins coming to PC (with Co-Op) ibb and obb to arrive in 2012 ePawn arena changing the face of tabletop gaming Finally finishing off with a discussion on the topic of: "Should all games require co-op?"

  • Co-Opticast Episode 79: The Co-Op Games of 2012 Preview


    It's a brand new Co-Opticast! After being away for a while we've rebooted our show and doubled our hosts. Now Nick and Mike are joined by Locke and Jason in an all new show chocked full of information for your co-op gaming needs. Up first is actually a special episode as the crew breaks down the upcoming games of 2012. Is your most anticipated game coming this year? Listen in and find out.