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  • Co-Opticast Episode 78: Co-Op Games of the Year


    It's that time again - when the staff gets together and votes for our favorite co-op games of the year! You might be surprised at what we picked (or not!). We've also got the latest co-op news and the usual "what we've been playing" for your enjoyment. This is the last podcast for 2011, so thanks for listening, and we'll see you next year, with some big surprises to come.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 77: We Survived...The Fall Gaming Season


    Phew - can you believe the fall gaming season is over already? Thankfully we managed to survive mostly unscathed. Nick and Mike discuss what they've been playing and go over the myriad of reviews the site covered in the past month. If it had co-op, you can bet we reviewed it. Also covered are the handful of news stories including two great bits on Co-Optimus and our placement in Shoot Many Robots.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 76: Seriously!?


    We're back with another exciting Co-Opticast as Nick and Mike take you on an epic journey through their gaming catalog. There's a lot to talk about, including impressions of plenty of solid co-op titles like PayDay, Dungeon Defenders and more. The news is also discussed with Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and Gears of War 3 on the tip of everyone's tongue. Seriously...what's up with all these 3's?

  • Co-Opticast Episode 75: Online Pass Required


    It's a milestone podcast folks as Nick and Mike have hit episode 75! The crew celebrates the only way they know how - with an extra meaty show filled with plenty of co-op news, game impressions and discussion. What's on the hot plate? How about those damn online pass systems. Seriously.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 74 - Stay a while, and listen!


    In this week's episode, Mike and Nick channel their inner Deckard Cain and talk an awful lot about the Diablo 3 beta. Yes, we're addicted. The surprise return of the Jane's series to gaming is discussed as well as a little bit of Gears 3. All that, plus this week's co-op news and the usual dose of self-congratulatory promotion is in store for you, gentle listeners.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 73: Sleep Less, Play More


    With so many great games out there's only one thing for Nick and Mike to do...avoid sleeping. While Mike is going through Console and PC withdraw, Nick makes him jealous with tales of Dead Island, Deus Ex and Resistance 3. After that our boys hit up the news and talk about PAX Prime, including the Battlefield 3 community event.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 72: Final Form


    We've got a special episode lined up for this week! Mike and Jason travelled to Philadelphia to visit the fine folks from Final Form Games to talk about Jamestown, indie development and... Miyazaki films? It's a long one, so pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and have a listen!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 71: Changelands 2


    Mike and Nick are back with another Episode of the Co-Opticast - and this one is a big one. Not in terms of length, but in terms of the announcement. OMG BORDERLANDS 2!!!!111 After the dust settles there's plenty of other discussion to be had. This might be the last "normal" Co-Opticast for quite some time thanks to some life changes going on, so get in while the getting is still..."normal."

  • Co-Opticast Episode 70: The Great Handheld Debate?


    It's another fine episode of the Co-Opticast this week, as Nick and Mike tread into the dangerous debate of whether or not the 3DS price drop signals a paradigm shift in portable gaming as we know it. We talk about this week's news, butcher the English language thoroughly, and we do it all out of love for you, our listeners.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 69: No Joke


    Mike and Nick are here for Episode 69 - a solid episode all around if we do say so ourselves. The latest co-op news is covered and discussed, including the upcoming Call of Duty: XP event, the whole "online pass" shebang and much more. Grab episode 69 today - it only happens once.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 68: Co-Op Fireworks


    Mike and Nick brave the 4th of July festivities to bring you the latest and greatest in cooperative gaming news and information. On the table is World of Warcraft going free to play, Catherine co-op reveals, and those pesky Steam sales. Finally things wrap up with a new segment that focuses on user blogs. All the co-op goodness you could hope for in under an hour!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 67: The E3 2011 Wrap-Up Episode


    Kat, Andrew and Nick have returned from sunny Los Angeles, California and the E3 2011 gaming convention. In their tiny heads resides the gaming knowledge of dozens of cooperative titles. The crew discusses all the games they saw as well as their favorite moments and titles of the show. All that and more in Episode 67 of the Co-Opticast.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 66: The E3 2011 Preview Episode


    E3 kicks off in a few short days, so Mike and Nick take you on an epic journey through their appointments and plans for coverage. Is your favorite co-op game going to be on display in LA from June 6th through the 9th. Only one way to find out in this very special Co-Opticast.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 65: The PSN is UP!


    Last time it was down, this time its back up. The PlayStation Network returns after a 3 week hiatus and Mike and Nick discuss the aftermath. Later on its Brink, Brink and more Brink thats brunk. All that and more in Episode 65 of the Co-Opticast.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 64: The PSN Is Down Episode


    The PSN is down...the PSN is down! Run around screaming like your head is on fire. Actually - this stuff is pretty serious, Mike and Nick give you guys the low down on what's going on and exactly what it could mean for you. After all the serious talk its onto gaming, Portal 2, and a few other interesting news stories of the week.