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Every fortnight (that's fourteen days, biweekly, or every two weeks for those who can only count on one hand), Nick Mike, Locke, and Jason bring you the latest in co-op news, witty banter and the occasional special guest. Download us to the device of your choice, hang on and enjoy the ride.

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  • Co-Opticast Episode 48: What's your Slogan?


    Apologies for the late posting of this - but the latest Co-Opticast is finally here! In this episode we discuss Torchlight 2, leaked DLC, delayed features and more. We wrap it up with a discussion on whether or not adding co-op to a game makes development harder.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 47 - The Mark Rein Episode


    Don't let the episode title fool you, we cover WAY more than Epic Games' outspoken president! There's a ton of Halo Reach news to go over, a litany of new console releases from Microsoft, Kinect's price was announced, and we once again take news about Killzone 3's (lack of) co-op with the grain of salt it deserves. We stuff all of this and more into a nice, hour-long package, and there's even a surprise ending!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 46: Of Green Orbs and Agents


    I'm going to be straight with you, there's a whole lot of Crackdown 2 talk in this episode. A lot. But that's a good thing, right? We also discuss some of the latest news including Diablo 2's 10 year anniversary, Fable 3's episodic plans, and Halo Reach's Firefight mode. Then we dive into our community and talk about forum questions, twitter responses and more. We do all that and find 7 agility orbs along the way...just for you.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 45 - E3 2010: Police Brutality, Video Games and You


    It's an extra long podcast this week as Mike and Nick are joined by the illustrious Jason "OrigamiPanther" Love. E3 is dissected, from the major press conferences down to independent titles we checked out. An old bet is settled, much hate is dished out on motion controls and much love is expressed over thoughts of co-op to come. All this and more await in this week's episode!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 44: The Week Late Episode


    We apologize for the delay on this episode, it was actually recorded last week on Memorial Day - but due to life and whatever else - we didn't managed to get it up until right now. But don't think that makes it any less of a piece of entertainment. We talk Brink, Alien Breed Impact, Fable 3, and plenty of other news. Also on the plate is a brief E3 preview of the upcoming Co-Optimus coverage.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 43: Cramping Our Style


    Nick and Mike apologize for the latest episode, but it appears fatherhood has taken its toll on both of our hosts. Both exhausted and beaten down, they weather the storm and bring you the latest in co-op news and information. In a new segment, the duo dive into the Co-Optimus forums and answer some community questions. Sure the show may be short, but it sure is sweet - and with E3 on the horizon, it'll be short lived. Outro music by Patti Page from the Bioshock 2 Soundtrack.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 42 - A Noble Squad of Your Own


    The new Call of Duty has been revealed and it's... sci-fi? Halo news of all stripes dominates our news segment, Mike rages about the implication that Co-Op gaming may be a "fad" and Nick tells us all about how much fun he's been having playing games no one else has access to. All this and more can be yours, on this episode of The Co-Opticast. Outro: Nujabes & Fat Jon - The Space Between Two Worlds

  • Co-Opticast Episode 41: A Prenuptial Agreement


    There's plenty of solid co-op news to go around in the latest episode of the Co-Opticast. Gears of War 3, Dead Rising 2, FEAR 3, Red Dead Redemption and Fable 3 Co-Op babies. Seriously how did publishers fit all of that in a two week time span?

  • Co-Opticast Episode 40.5 - The Redesign Episode


    You thought you got rid of us, didn't you? Nick and Mike return after a brief hiatus and a lost episode to bring you all the co-op news and content you can handle. In the latest episode the Co-Opticrew discuss the site's redesign, look at some of the upcoming co-op games this spring, and reminisce about franchises of old. Plus...PAX East impressions! There's so much content in this episode we had to tack an extra .5 on!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 39: The Mass Co-Op Effect


    We're one away from turning the big 4-0, but that won't stop us from churning out a content rich episode. In this episode Nick and Mike ponder just when they'll get a Mass Effect title with co-op - something both think it's about time for. There's plenty of co-op news to go over, including the best interview ever, more pre-order bonus shenanigans, and Xenomorph investations. All that and more in Episode 39!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 38: We Played StarCraft 2


    While we do talk about StarCraft 2 in this episode, we shamelessly put it in the title to get you to listen to the episode. After all, people are paying big money for a beta key, which earns them instant coolness. Speaking of big money, we discuss the demise of Midway games on XBLA including Smash TV and other co-op titles. But all isn't bad with the likes of Halo Reach, Fable 3 and other great co-op games in the news! Oh, right...and Mike's back.

  • Co-Opticast Episode 37: MAME Me


    Rejoice fellow listeners, we've finally managed to chase Mike away from the show, at least temporarily, while he tends to the birth of his first born child. I know, lame excuse to miss a podcast. Thankfully Marc "djinniman" Allie picks up the slack and joins Nick to discuss the latest co-op events and news. Marc then enlightens everyone on how to build yourself a MAME cabinet for classic co-op gaming, and the best places to find old arcade machines for cheap. You know you want one, so listen to find out how surprisingly easy it is!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 36: Sometimes We Play Games


    Prepare yourself for a jam packed episode of goodness has Nick and Mike discuss the latest co-op news stories. Short on time? Well so are we - that's why we've compressed everything into a lovable, cuddable, and edible 30 minute package. We chat about Division 9, Crackdown 2, Borderlands DLC, and reminisce about auto aim shooters of the past. Episode 36 is GO!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 35: The Love Triangle


    It's an Army of Three this week as Jason "OrigamiPanther" Love joins Nick and Mike in another exciting episode. Bayonetta and Darksiders are discussed, we craft some theories about Microsoft's Game Room, and have a lengthy chat about Army of Two: The 40th Day which dovetails nicely into a discussion about rewarding players in a multiplayer setting. All this and more can be yours by clicking the link below! *Note: Some technical difficulties marred this episode, sorry about the audio quality!

  • Co-Opticast Episode 34: Co-Op Games of 2010 Preview


    So much goodness is jammed packed into this episode, it's hard to contain it all in a tiny little MP3 file. Philip Kollar of Game Informer magazine joins Nick and Mike as they discuss what they've been playing, the latest co-op news, and then preview the co-op games of 2010. It's like being pooped out into a bottomless pit, and you get to listen to the sweetest voices sing to you all the way down for all eternity. And by eternity I mean 1 hour and 34 minutes.