A.V.A.: Alliance of Valiant Arms

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Alliance of Valiant Arms - Death Valley Preview - Page 2

Death Valley is the game’s first co-op map that was designed from the ground up for co-op play. Four players (five on easy) will team up in a jungle themed area to take on bad guys, bring down helicopters and for the first time in the game, ride vehicles like a river boat. There’s also going to be several boss fights along the way.

Co-Op is getting a big focus in Alliance of Valiant Arms, with an entire channel dedicated to the game’s co-op modes once the Death Valley map launches. Along with this players will be able to earn experience playing co-op, not just by killing bad guys, but by participating and working as a team.

“The highest level player on a team becomes the team leader,” Kim told us, “ if he chooses to play as the point man class he can use binoculars as a perk and spot out enemies. Doing this will show their position to everyone on the team and earn that player bonus points.”

The end goal of Death Valley is to assassinate the opposing leader - no easy task we’re told. The reward? Along with rare weapons and items you’ll get to actually wear the leader’s face as a mask in any other game mode. We’re told it’s not going to be easy, and co-op is a must in order to complete it. Sounds like the perfect way to show off your co-op achievement.

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