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by Paul Acevedo 1
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Invite these charming friends over for tea, biscuits, and puzzle solving.

Xbox Live Gold Members Can Get ilomilo for Half off This Month

Nothing says loving like a fresh and creative co-op game. Even sweeter is getting said game for half off the regular price. Now that Xbox Live Arcade exclusive ilomilo is the Xbox Live Family Gold Pack Deal of the Month for March, anybody with a Gold subscription can put this bun in their oven. For only five dollars, you'll be hard pressed to find a better co-op deal this month - unless something better pops up, of course.

by Tally Callahan 6
  • xbox 360
  • xbox live arcade

ilomilo Co-Op Review

ilomilo from SouthEnd Interactive and Microsoft Studios is a cute puzzler kicking off the new year on Xbox Live Arcade. Featuring two-player local co-op where players guide protagonists Ilo and Milo through complex cube worlds, does ilomilo live up to expectations or is it just for squares?

by Marc Allie 1
  • xbox 360
  • couch
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"Secret" Game Demo Available for XBLA Puzzler ilomilo

It's very difficult for a game to stand out these days.  Store shelves are packed full of dozens of different titles for multiple systems.  It's even tougher for downloadable titles, especially when you consider the hundreds of other games out there, and the limited options for advertising.  One upcoming game, a puzzler called ilomilo, has taken a unique approach to make itself noticed.  Instead of providing a demo in the Xbox Live Arcade store, potential players must visit the ilimilo secret code site, where they can get a code that, when redeemed, gives you a demo of the game.  It's certainly a novel approach.

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