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PS3 and PS4 versions

PSN Flash Sale Include AC4, Knack and More

Looking to save some money this Winter after your heating bill has skyrocketed? Sony has some "flash" deals for you available on digital downloads of full retail titles. There's about a dozen titles on sale including recent releases like Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag on PlayStation 3 and Knack on PlayStation 4. You'll also find Super Motherload and Killzone Shadowfall to round out your PS4 collection.

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Knack Co-Op Review

When you launch a console you want a good variety of games to launch with it. You need something for the hardcore shooter audience. You need a racing game, an arcade game, and of course the sports games. With these all covered there's a big market you want to hook, and that's the family gaming market. Knack is Sony's intended answer to ...

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