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A beautiful tease at what could have been.

Streets of Rage Remake was in the Works at Crackdown 2 Developer

So here's an odd story.  Ruffian Games, creators of Crackdown 2, were working with SEGA on remaking the classic Streets of Rage franchise for modern day consoles.  A two minute video was leaked to the internet showcasing the game's graphics, environments, and even some gameplay.  It's easy to see some of the Crackdown influence in the fighting engine, but it definitely looks like this could have worked.

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Get 45 Sega Genesis Games on PC for Just $10 Through 10/24

Two things we can say about Sega Genesis games: they were really hard by today's standards, and many of them were also great games. Sonic, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, all still worth playing (though many would prefer the arcade version of Golden Axe available on XBLA). PC gamers have lots of options for playing 16-bit Sega games, chief among them (illegal) emulation and legal emulation, i.e. paying for them. The latter crowd will appreciate the sale going on at a place caled DotEmu then. They've bundled 45 Sega Genesis games at the super-low price of $10 for the next few days. Head past the break for the full list.

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