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Or, if you have the season pass, it's out right now.

Watch Dogs Bad Blood Is Out September 30th

Who here's ready to once again assume the mantle of a morally ambiguous hacker with a chip on their shoulder? The new DLC, "Bad Blood" is out for Watch_Dogs on September 30th, adding real, genuine co-op gameplay to the open world game, or if you're a season pass holder, you can get it immediately. Sure, Watch_Dogs came out about four months ago, but heck, co-op may be a game changer.

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Who watches the Watch_Dogs?!

Watch_Dogs Delayed, but has Second Screen Co-Op

Watch_Dogs has been delayed until spring 2014. The official statement reads like half apology, half plea for forgiveness, especially given the amount of eager people out there who pre-ordered the next console packaged with the game. The folks down at Ubisoft Montreal do seem legitimately sorry that they yanked the carpet out from under so many people who were looking forward to this experience. If you have pre-ordered the Watch_Dogs bundle with either an Xbox One or a Playstation 4, contact the retailer in order to resolve any issues.

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