Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
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  • pc
  • couch
  • online
The 16-bit co-op puzzle platformer makes its Steam debut

Wyv and Keep Arrive on Steam this Friday, August 8

Last summer a charming little co-op puzzle platformer called Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol made its way onto PC. The game found you and a co-op partner guiding the titular heroes through an ancient jungle ruin in search of treasure. Though it was initially only available for purchase through the game's website or Desura, this Friday it will be available on Steam.

by Jason Love 0
  • pc
Unearth the treasures of the Amazon with a friend in this charming co-op puzzler

Wyv and Keep Will (Finally) be Released on June 14

You may recall last year when the cooperative puzzle platformer Wyv and Keep was (at the time) a game that would see release within the year. Fast forward several months to now, and well, it will be seeing its imminent release! You'll bfinally e able to work your way through the jungles of the Amazon with the treasure hunting duo on June 14. The game is all set to be released on PC, Mac, and Linux through Desura and through the game's website for $10. You can also pick up a 2-pack so you and a friend can get online together for just $15.

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