Pikmin 3

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Rock Pikmin do work against those crystal formations blocking pathways.

While I do like Nintendo’s implementation of the Wii U GamePad into the story, it doesn’t match the Wiimote and Nunchuck controller in cursor precision. The pad is used in game to communicate with the other Captains when separated during the plot, as well as for a map players can use for surveying the levels or laying waypoints for moving Captains automatically. Still, while constantly working to control a large Pikmin army by herding them with the whistle or pointing to a specific weak point of an enemy creature to attack, the Wiimote has no equal in Pikmin 3. Still, the GamePad does have its previously stated uses to coincide with the controller choice. It’s also worth mentioning that a Wii U Pro Controller can be used as well, but will most likely have the same issues as the GamePad does.

Also added to the game are two new Pikmin types: Rock and Flying. The bulky, sturdy Rock Pikmin are used both to break crystal formations/monster carapaces and dish out chunks of damage by being thrown at enemies. The Flying Pikmin are used to bypass landscape obstructions/water and cut down on item carrying time by carrying them over the air. They both compliment the preexisting Pikmin types perfectly, as well as add to the new challenges presented in the game. Having more Pikmin types is nice, but it is tricky to know exactly which Pikmin are needed to take along for explorations, as only 100 Pikmin can be out on the field at once. And with three Captains to separate the army with, it’s best to scout out each area you choose to explore first with the GamePad.

I must say that Pikmin 3 is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest games I’ve ever played in my life. The HD graphics really show through here and displays what the Wii U console and Nintendo are really capable of bringing to gamers this generation. From Pikmin 3’s constantly driving and challenging story mode, to the competitive and addictive multiplayer modes, and topping everything off with the simple, yet satisfying co-op modes presented, it’s almost silly not to grab this masterpiece for the Wii U. The game may have taken a long while to get here, but the wait was definitely worth the reward. I’d highly recommend this game to both avid fans, anyone who has never played a Pikmin game, or those looking for a much needed, solid title for the console.


Co-Op Score

The Co-Op Experience: Two players team up to tackle three different modes: "Collect Treasure!", "Battle Enemies!", and "Defeat Bosses!". Each mode has its own set time limit, requiring players to work together to rack up the highest score possible. More stages can be unlocked based on the final score of a game.

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