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Retro Game Challenge
Mike "pheriannath" Katsufrakis

A more fitting title to this instant classic would be “Mike’s Childhood: The Game”. Loosely based on the Japanese TV show Game Center CX, Retro Game Challenge places you in the shoes of a modern day gamer, transported back in time to the mid-1980s by the malicious Game Master Arino. Your task is to play brilliantly crafted faux-retro games and meet certain goals in each before you are allowed to return to your own time.

The included games are all based on easily-recognizable 1980s archetypes: shooters, both simple and of the bullet-hell variety, top-down racing, Dragon Quest-esque role playing, and even a multi-sequel tribute to Ninja Jajamara-kun which eventually becomes a sort of Ninja Gaiden clone. With the exception of the racing game, each title is completely enjoyable. I could play Star Prince, the analog to Star Soldier for days on end.

Helping you along in your quest to conquer each title are an entire run of fake gaming magazines, containing reviews, previews, tips and tricks for all of the games you’re playing. Stuck on a shooter? The mags might contain a cheat code to help you along! With a top-notch localization and personality in spades, the whole experience is deliciously meta. Highly recommended.


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