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You've got a pretty good chance

Reminder - Donate to Child's Play 2012 and Win Awesome Stuff

We're headed into the final week of our Child's Play 2012 Charity drive and sitting close to 30% of our goal.  What does that mean?  For one it means if you have donated you are pretty much guaranteed to win SOMETHING at this point - maybe even that awesome signed Loot Chest Edition of Borderlands 2 you see pictured above.  We've got a pretty extensive prize list with plenty of goodies, certainly helping out some sick kids and getting something off that list is worth at least $5.

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Big Money! Big Prizes! I LOVE IT.

Co-Optimus Presents our 2012 Child's Play Charity Raffle

The Child's Play Charity, created by Mike and Jerry of Penny-Arcade, has been something I've personally supported since it's inception.  Like Extra-Life, it's a charity drive that's used to benefit sick children and children's hospitals around the world.  Child's Play has grown from humble beginnings of toy donations to an epic undertaking collecting toys and money for over 70 hospitals worldwide in an effort to give these children an amazing holiday.  Last year Child's Play raised over 3.5 million dollars.  That hopefully brought a lot of smiles.

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Penny-Arcade To be Honored with Industry Award at GDC 2010

In less than two months the Co-Optimus staff will descent upon Boston to bring you guys coverage of PAX East, a giant gaming convention that hopes to equal the success of the original Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.  But before that happens the founders of Penny Arcade, who created PAX, will be honored at another gaming convention - GDC.

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CoG Network Child's Play Drive

Every year the fine folks at Penny-Arcade put together a charity drive of epic proportions to benefit sick children.  Called Child's Play, the charity event spans the internet raising what literally amounts to millions of dollars, all from gamers.

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