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Upgraded home arcade cabinets available to preorder in several designs

iiRcade Announces Gold Edition Double Dragon and Space Invaders Home Arcade Cabinets

During this January's CES, iiRcade announced a line of upgraded home arcade cabinets. These new cabinets would run the game games but feature a height and form factor closer to classic arcade cabinets, genuine Sanwa parts, updated speaker grills and sound, and JBL audio. At last, iiRcade is ready to announce the specific name and models of the new home arcade cabinets. They will be called iiRcade Gold Edition cabinets, and four different designs are now available to preorder.

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At last, an iiRcade cabinet with a sexy shape and shiny light-up marquee!

iiRcade Announces Premium Arcade Console with New Form Factor and Features

iiRcade recently implemented huge end-of-year discounts on its entire line of home arcade cabinets. Savvy observers guessed that the manufacturer might be clearing out stock before announcing new hardware, and that brings us to today. At CES 2022, iiRcade announced its new Premium Arcade Console line. The new first premium machine will feature Dead Cells artwork and several enhancements over previous models.

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