The iiRcade Home Arcade Console Black Friday Sale Begins
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The iiRcade Home Arcade Console Black Friday Sale Begins

Get a $200 discount on a home arcade console during the sale

The home arcade cabinet business consists of several manufacturers with differing approaches, such as Arcade1Up's 3/4-scale replicas of classic cabinets like X-Men and Terminator 2. iiRcade, on the other hand, sells a home arcade cabinet that features a larger 19-inch screen and a digital storefront with both classic arcade and modern indie games. During the Black Friday Sale that starts today, iiRcade home arcade consoles are on sale for $200 off.

iiRcade Home Consoles feature an arcade-inspired design, so they don't quite resemble existing arcade cabinets. Each unit includes a removable base, allowing the console to function as either a countertop arcade or a stand-up arcade. The monitor is 19-inches (Arcade1Up screens are 17 inches), and the stereo sound system offers 100 watts of power. Some models feature Sanwa arcade sticks, and storage for games ranges from 64 GB to 128 GB.

The main selling point of iiRcade is its digital store. Gamers can buy a variety of games online and download them via the unit's built-in Wi-Fi. Game prices range from $3-30, with most games costing $8-10. Some of the co-op arcade games for sale include Sega's Alien Storm, Technos' Double Dragon series, Irem's GunForce series, Taito's The Ninja Kids,  Data East's Spinmaster, and more. iiRcade also offers modern indie co-op games like Mayhem Brawler, Knights & Guns, and Retromania Wrestling, making iiRcade one of the most versatile home arcade solutions.

All iiRcades come with 11 pre-loaded games, including co-op classics Double Dragon and Gunbird.

While iiRcade Home Consoles ship with the same built-in games and storefront, the company sells several the hardware itself with several different skins and configurations. Here are the regular and sale prices for the cabinets offered at

  • Retromania Wrestling Bundle - $819.99 $599.99
  • Double Dragon Bundle - $799.99 $599.99
  • Dragon's Lair Bundle - $799.99 $599.99
  • Sidney Hunter Bundle - $799.99 $599.99
  • Space Ace Bundle - $699.99 $499.99
  • Beach Buggy Racing 2 Bundle - $713.99 $499.99
  • Black Edition Bundle (No artwork) - $799.99 $599.99

The iiRcade Black Friday sale will reportedly last through the end of 2021, but only while supplies last.

We look forward to sharing more iiRcade news and impressions in the future. How do you think iiRcade's digital storefront approach compares to Arcade1Up's replicas that don't allow for games expansion, dear readers?