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by Sam Tyler 4
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Starting today get Dead Rising 2 on the cheep cheep

Spring is in the Air with the Latest XBL Sale

Easter has come early this year, you can tell by the fact that it is still snowing outside and I haven't got around to buying any eggs.  Best then that I avoid my family and stay indoors playing games on my 360.  The Spring Sale starts today and lasts until April 1st.  It is not co-op heavy, but Dead Rising 2 and its DLC is all reduced.  For the full list click Read More and do yourself a favor and get all The Walking Dead episodes for total of 800 Microsoft Points.

by Katrina Pawlowski 1
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Dead Rising 2: Case West Co-Op Review

Immediately following the events of Dead Rising 2, Chuck Greene runs into a familiar face who is looking for answers and willing to help. That familiar face is Frank West as he arrives on the scene to help Chuck search for the evidence of being set up and maybe a permanent cure for Chuck's daughter.

by Andrew Gaskill 0
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More Digital Episodes Will Link Dead Rising 2 to Dead Rising 3

Capcom is talking about a sequel to their latest successful zombie slayer, Dead Rising 2.  Not only was DR2 a big hit, the XBLA exclusive Case Zero did very well, too.  The publisher says that Case Zero has had over half a million downloads.  I think making money is part of the Capcom business model, so expect more downloadable content to be heading your way. 

by Nick Puleo 8
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Dead Rising 2 Epilogue Announced for Xbox 360, Frank West and Chuck Greene Join Forces

This is one of those announcements that will either get people very excited, or piss a lot of folks off.  Dead Rising 2 isn't even on store shelves yet and Capcom has announced the first piece of DLC - one that's actually a stand alone title exclusive to the Xbox 360.  Called Dead Rising 2: Case West, much like Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, this downloadable title gives players a small story to play in the Dead Rising universe.  Instead of it being a prequel to Dead Rising 2, Case West is actually a sequel, taking place immediately after the events of the game.

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