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This Roguelike first-person shooter makes for a steep but rewarding co-op challenge.

Gunfire Reborn Co-op Review

What would a Roguelike version of Borderlands be like? Chinese developer Duoyi Games have answered that question with Gunfire Reborn, a first-person shooter Roguelike that challenges players to team up and progress through increasingly tough levels, strengthening their characters with each run and unlocking new features along the way. Gunfire Rebor...

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Give your friends the perfect gift: a corridor filled with demons toting rocketlaunchers.

Create Your Own Shooter In Gunscape: The FPS Creation Kit

If you stumbled by the ID@Xbox booth in Microsoft's section of E3 this year, you might have gotten a pixelated eyeful of Gunscape. You might have thought it was Minecraft running on an Xbox One, or Doom, which had somehow been sucked through a time vortex into modern day. It might surprise you, then, that Gunscape is a terribly ambitious project spearheaded by those crazy theorists down at Blowfish Studios.

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