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Grab some friends, save some cash, and game on.

The Best Co-Op Games on the 2018 Steam Summer Sale

The 2018 Steam Summer Sale is underway with an alien theme (cards and mini-game) to enjoy. As usual, just about the entire site is on sale right now which means you can get a lot of great PC games for a little bit of cash. We've combed through the titles, picked some from our Curator Store, and picked what we felt are the top 10 best deals in co-op gaming on Steam right now.

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Keeping a watch on Hammerwatch

Hammerwatch Co-Op Beta Demo Released

It's co-op dungeon fighting time! Jochum Skoglund and Niklas Myrberg's Gauntlet-inspired Hammerwatch is still under heavy development, but the duo has already released a demo to make sure we stay excited. The teaser includes the entire first act of the game, complete with secrets, money, shops, a bonus level and a boss. Three of the four classes are currently playable, and co-op play for up to four players (online, local or LAN) is ready to roll.

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