Hammerwatch II Journeys to Consoles and PC This Summer
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Hammerwatch II Journeys to Consoles and PC This Summer

Only a few months to go until the epic pixel-art action RPG adventure finally arrives!

The Hammerwatch series started with Hammerwatch in 2012, a Gauntlet-style action RPG. Heroes of Hammerwatch followed, a super-challenging Roguelike version that I absolutely loved. Modus Games has been teasing the official Hammerwatch II for quite some time, and now the wait is nearly over. The new open-world action RPG sequel will arrive on consoles and PCs this summer, complete with 4-player online co-op.

In Hammerwatch II, the good King Roland has been overthrown by an army of dragons led by Blight the Horrible. The heroic resistance has escaped to the sewer system, away from the dragons' power. From there, a few heroes must venture out into the beleaguered kingdom and save its people. They will do so in a vast RPG adventure featuring Gauntlet-style combat, a high degree of challenge, and 4-player online co-op.


  • Explore a vast and dynamic open world: Three regions with day and night and weather cycles
  • Aid Townsfolk along the way: An epic number of quests to complete
  • Five classes: Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard, and Warlock
  • Collect and craft (craft tools, potions, and food)
  • Share the adventure: Single-player or 2-4 player online co-op
  • Change the world on PC: Full modding support

Hammerwatch II Anniversary Pack

Hammerwatch II will be available in both a physical and digital special edition called Hammerwatch II: The Chronicles Edition. The $39.99 special edition will include the new game as well as Hammerwatch: Anniversary Edition and the "Anniversary Pack" containing additional character color palettes, facial items, and voice packs. The digital base game without the "Chronicles Edition" content will sell for $24.99.

Hammerwatch II will arrive on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam this summer. Amazon has physical versions of Hammerwatch II: The Chronicles Edition available to preorder on Xbox, PlayStation 4PlayStation 5, and Switch.

For more information and to sign up for the game's newsletter, visit Hammerwatch2.com.