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I can finally try my hand at amateur adjudication!

Heroes Of The Storm Is Getting Some New Reporting Tools

We've all been there.  You're testing out a new hero in your MOBA of choice, and it's not going so hot.  You "Q" when you meant to "E", you fired your ultimate ability in the exact wrong direction, and the team's taking note.  Normally, your comrades would voice their frustrations to themselves or their friends, but the MOBA community... well, sometimes they take a different approach.  That's why Blizzard took the chance to revamp Heroes of the Storm's reporting toolset, which will allow players more robust options when determining just why their teammates said all those things, or why they are now hurling their hero face-first into the onslaught.

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The storm gathers.

Watch Us Play Heroes of the Storm, Out June 2nd

In case you haven't caught wind of the News Thunder, Heroes of the Storm is launching for realsies June 2nd. Pretty soon, everybody can attempt to beat the summer heat by lining up to play as Jim Raynor, Kerrigan, The Actual Devil, or one of 20 million Warcraft characters in Blizzard's new, ostensibly friendlier MOBA. If June is just a bit too far away, you could always get your HoTS fix during the full-on Open Beta, kicking off May 19th. Being a Free To Play game, I'd figure pretty much everything is "Open Beta," but whatever. I'm not a marketing guy.

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