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From turn-based to frantic bullet hell in one episode

Shadowrun Meets Renegade Ops In The Latest Episode Of F.A.L.C.O.

The Friday Awesomely Live Co-Op crew has never claimed to know anything. The other editors here at Co-Optimus are smart, witty, and have their act together. F.A.L.C.O., on the other hand, are just three average gamer dads who enjoy unwinding after a week of working for the man. So last week, when we jumped into Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown, we were surprised to find that all the missions we played were only two player!

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All hail dynamic split screen!

New Trailer for Renegade Ops Is Co-Oplicious

This new trailer for Renegade Ops leaves little to be desired.  Two player local co-op? Check.  Four player online co-op? Check.  Dynamic split screen? Check.  Loads of explodin'? Double check.  The only thing we see missing is a local co-op with simultaneous online support, but we haven't seen anything to rule that out, either.  This latest video features the dynamic split screen in all of it's dynamic diagonal glory as well as the four player online co-op.  And explosions.  Lots and lots of explosions.  

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