River City Girls 2

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  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
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River City Girls 2 Gets a Balance Update to Improve Combos and Juggles
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River City Girls 2 Gets a Balance Update to Improve Combos and Juggles

The River City Girls can juggle enemies more easily thanks to the new update.

Not long ago, River City Girls 2 received a long-awaited patch that improved its frame rate and fixed countless bugs. Fans have been greatly enjoying WayForward's beat 'em up RPG since the update arrived, but they also noticed that the game's combo system had become more finicky. That change was apparently unintentional, and it has now been fixed in the game's latest update. The new balance update is now live on all platforms.

Here is the official description of this week's balance patch:

Based on player feedback, this update primarily adjusts hitstop, allowing for more user-friendly combos and juggles. Thanks for continuing to enjoy River City Girls 2!

Easier combos sounds good to us!

River City Girls 2 Xbox

Following the success of the first game, River City Girls 2 is a beat 'em up RPG in which Kyoko and Misako embark on a new adventure with the help of Kunio, Riki, and two new unlockable fighters. These rough-around-the-edges heroes must battle countless thugs and explore the vast world of River City as they fight to stop the evil gangster, Sabu, from taking over the town! The game features 4-player local co-op and 2-player, cross-platform online co-op. See our pre-release and launch week developer interviews for lots of great gameplay information and behind-the-scenes details.

River City Girls 2 supports 4-player local co-op, 2-player online co-op, and cross-play. The North American version of River City Girls 2 sells for $39.99 on XboxPlayStationSwitch, and Steam. The killer soundtrack is also available for $11.49 at Amazon and other digital music stores.