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Grab a friend and build an armada of ships in this unique shoot 'em up.

Shoot 1UP DX Co-op Review

Way back in the Xbox 360 days, indie developer Mommy’s Best Games (maker of the co-op run and gun shooter, Serious Sam Double D XXL) released an Xbox Live Indie Game shoot ‘em up called Shoot 1UP. That game would later gain recognition as an Xbox Windows Phone title, though the phone game lacked multiplayer. Several years later, Shoot 1...

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Pick up all their greatest hits

Mommy's Best Games Coming to Steam

Mommy's Best Games may be best known (in recent times) for Serious Sam Double D XXL. Prior to making that game, however, they had been cranking out some quality action games for quite some time on XBLIG; titles like ExplosionadeWeapon of Choice, and Shoot 1UP that got me into checking out the indie game scene more. These games are finally making the transition onto Steam on September 23rd.

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On The Download Issue 8: On The Cheap 'N Indie

This week we wanted to honor some phenomenal Indie games that cost a mere dollar on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and a few honorable mentions of Co-op Indie games that were very enjoyable. Everything in this episode is on the cheap, so if you've got 80(POINTS) or so lying around, you should check these out.

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PAX East Coverage Round-Up

The first annual PAX East has come and gone. For most it was a success, serving over 50,000 gamers at Boston's Hynes Convention Center. Check out our coverage wrap up from the show, watch some brand new video footage, and get ready for what's next!

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[PAX-E] Shoot 1UP Gives You 60 Ships for $1

You'd think with a name like Mommy's Best Games we'd find a plethora of cake baking simulations and daycare running strategy games - you'd be wrong.  Instead Mommy's Best Games is an independent developer of such Xbox Live Indie titles like Weapon of Choice and the recent Shoot 1UP.  The latter is an interesting take on the top down shooter genre that involves players gathering 1UPs that immediately add extra ships instead of a pool of lives to use.

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