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Co-Optimus debates: solo, co-op, or something else entirely?

Is Single Player Co-Op Actually Co-Op?

As co-op fanatics we know games that claim to have co-op features come in all shapes and sizes. While some are still debating the merits of competitive co-op, it seems the industry has bread a new beast - single player co-op. Is this style as new an innovative as many claim, or is it simply a polished single player mechanic in disguise? Two of our ...

by Christopher Metz 2
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Don't have the time to watch? Make the time. It's well worth it.

Hordes of Gears of War: Judgment Footage and Screenshots Hit the Internet

It is quite alright to be skeptical about another Gears of War game coming out so soon after the legendary trilogy was completed. However, don’t make a final judgment call before watching some epic gameplay videos and seeing some new screenshots first. It’s sort of hard not to get fired up about what’s to come out of Gears of War: Judgment next year from what we’ve seen here.

by Christopher Metz 3
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Spartan Ops is no cakewalk, so bring a friend along.

343's Frank O' Connor Discusses More Details on Spartan Ops Co-Op

After you cast your vote on November 6th for your respective presidential election candidates, you’ll be all set to go out and purchase Halo 4 with its first Spartan Ops episode ready to go. Spartan Ops, a special co-op mode featured in Halo 4, is one of 10 “episodic missions” that take place directly after the single player campaign.

by Mike Katsufrakis 1
  • xbox live arcade
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Bastion Hands-On Impressions

While cruising the show floor waiting for our Duke Nukem Forever appointment, a little game called Bastion demanded my attention. I had heard a lot of buzz about it recently, and once I laid my hands on it, I knew I was playing something special. Sporting a unique art style, and even more unique narration technique and some of that old-school isometric gameplay we all love, Supergiant Games' first effort appears to be a classic in the making.

by Marc Allie 64
  • playstation 3
  • xbox 360
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No Co-Op (or Any Multiplayer) For Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 was revealed at the VGAs last weekend, and speculation has run rampant that the highly anticipated sequel would include multiplayer of some type.  We, naturally, were hoping for co-op of some sort.  But our dreams of defending the earth from some wicked looking alien baddies with a friend will have to be fulfilled in some other game.

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