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Grab some co-op games from PSN's Sale of the Dead to get into the Halloween spirit

PSN Two-Week Sale on Tricks and Treats

Playstation Network has started up a two-week-long sale on spooky games and movies as befits this time of the year. Each week will have a slew of Halloween-esque sales: up to 65% off for everyone, and up to 80% off for PS Plus members. And the good news is that there's a healthy dose of co-op games included in the sale!

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Bring your four experimental subjects over to your next or previous console for free.

Tiny Brains Releases on PS3, Cross-buy Promotion Now Applied to Console Versions

Making the transition to the next gen consoles shouldn’t deter gamers from making solid game purchases right now, especially if they involve some fantastic co-op elements to experience. Spearhead Games’ Tiny Brains is a prime example of a game that will now offer a cross-buy promotion, allowing those who purchase it a free copy for their second console.

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