Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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2014 Co-Op GOTY Awards - Community Vote for Indie
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2014 Co-Op GOTY Awards - Community Vote for Indie

One of these belongs in a museum

It's time once again to pick your favorite co-op game of the year. We divide our awards into two categories, AAA and Indie. We nominate games that we feel showcase great cooperative features - whether that's a solid story involving all players, innovative mechanics, or just plain fun with friends.

The indie scene has steadily grown over the past couple years, and while there may have been a dearth of quality AAA co-op games in 2014, the indie side saw a few standout titles. Whether it was through the combination of several different ideas/genres in Dungeon of the Endless, or the revival of an old classic in Gauntlet. Or maybe you're a fan of the unusual and spend your days fending off the nightmares of a sleeping warlock in Abyss Odyssey?

Our choices are locked in, but what are your thoughts? What game do you think should be nominated the indie co-op GOTY and receive the coveted "Golden Fitty" award? If your favorite indie game isn't on the list, please leave a comment below to weigh in on YOUR pick..