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And it will pay you for it, too.

Want to Kill the Mindless Undead? Zombie Hunter Inc Will Deliver.

Zombie Hunter Inc from Maya Gameworks is a rough and gruff shooting game that's all about making big gooey piles of zombie corpses. Er, un-reanimated zombie corpses, that is. Inspired by the likes of Castle Crashers and Seal Hunter, you have seven minutes to stave off the hordes. Use the cash given to you by the sheriff to purchase better guns, all so you can head back out there and kill zombies even faster.

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Halloween makes everything badass.

Mass Effect 3's Halloween Challenge Banner Still Up For Grabs

Halloween might have come and gone (like Sandy’s wrath), but that doesn’t mean the spirit of it isn’t still lurking around the gaming world. If you didn’t already know, until November 5th (ending 9:00 A.M. PDT), gamers are still able to grab the special Halloween Challenge Banner for Mass Effect 3! Get on this now if you don’t already have it, because time is ticking!

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