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Mass Effect 3's Halloween Challenge Banner Still Up For Grabs
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Mass Effect 3's Halloween Challenge Banner Still Up For Grabs

Halloween makes everything badass.

Halloween might have come and gone (like Sandy’s wrath), but that doesn’t mean the spirit of it isn’t still lurking around the gaming world. If you didn’t already know, until November 5th (ending 9:00 A.M. PDT), gamers are still able to grab the special Halloween Challenge Banner for Mass Effect 3! Get on this now if you don’t already have it, because time is ticking!

To complete the Halloween Challenge, you must first complete the three Halloween challenges to earn the banner. These might take some work, but at least you’ll be given the option to complete the challenges on difficulty level you choose! All is fair in Halloween giveaways!

What are the actual challenges, you might be wondering? Let’s break them down for you:

“Ghostbuster”: All you need to do is achieve 5 extractions on Firebase Ghost or Firebase Ghost Hazard. Not too bad, right?

“Zombie Hunter”: You must earn a total of 7500 points while battling against either Husks or Abominations. Lay down the hurt and grab those points!

“Monster Killer”: Net a whopping total of 10,000 points against any of these enemies: Brutes, Scions, Praetorians, and/or Banshees.

All in all, the challenges aren’t too bad for a rare reward. As if we needed more reasons to play Mass Effect 3 anyway!