by wildcard zen

Gamefly: When a Great Site offers BETTER Customer Service

This is a follow-up to my current adventures with a defective game purchase and my pursuit of customer service. 

Now, like many companies, Gamefly is large. Large companies dance a fine edge in trying to be both effiecient and fair, but also offer the best service they can to keep unhappy customers coming back for more.  Being in the retail business myself for fifteen years, I understand that fine line between keeping a customer happy and making sure I don't give away the store.

Now, with the PSN outage, Gamefly like other retailers had one heck of a customer service mess on their hands - one that was not by their making.  In this case, it impacted their thirty day grace period.  On a local store front, this is an easy fix.  But with online businesses, many of us customers are use to the robo-emails and the "All Sales Are Final" treatment.

But one thing a good consumer advocate knows is that behind every business are people who want to keep business flowing.  Gamefly relies on both a marketing campaign as well as good word of mouth.  So, when a blogger like me has an unusual series of events create a perfect storm of bad service, it's up to the good guys in the customer service to step up to the plate.

One of those good guys is Adam from Gamefly Customer Service.  He, along with others (I can't give all the credit, his co-workers had to help from time to time) saw the problem and actually did something rare from an online company - he picked up the phone and called me to deal with me directly.  The first call caught me by surprise while I was driving to work, apologizing for the misunderstanding, realized that the PSN Outage really did interfere with their thirty day grace period, and offering to take back the defective game.

Needless to say, we worked out a deal.  I returned the game as they instructed,and they refunded my money.  I rented another copy and tested it.  Once my refund cleared, I purchased my rental when I felt confident that it worked properly.  Adam called me again this weekend to follow up and made sure I finally got everything I needed.

Maybe I should also mention - he reads Co-Optimus forums! :)  I'm guessing that he's probably a member who chooses to stay anonymous.  So . . . maybe you guys better not be switching those bad disks in with the rentals anymore.  That really pisses them off.

So, as a consumer advocate should do from time to time (and I know a lot that don't do this,) let's give Adam exactly what he and others in customer service need!  A big pat on the back, and to let his bosses know that Adam is the reason why I'm going to buy another game from Gamefly!   Hmmmm, I believe there's a new Transformers game from High Moon Studios coming out soon . . .

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