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When Leeroy Met Left 4 Dead

It's really great when video games can get a player so immersed he actually feels like he's part of the game.  It's a tough thing for a game to accomplish, but when it executes this feat, the outcome is usually amazing.  And of course, it's probably YouTube worthy.

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Risk Your Life For Co-Op Deals This Friday

You're on a dark street, all alone.  Suddenly, hideous screams pierce the silence.  The ground beneath you starts to tremble.  Suddenly, you see them: a huge horde of ravenous figures with glazed eyes, shambling towards the light.  You try to run, but they are too strong.  You are knocked off your feet and totally incapacitated by the pale-faced swarm.

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Co-Op Classics: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

We've got Zombies on the brain this week.  (Maybe that should be "on our BRAAAAIIINNSSS"?)  It was quite easy to tie the theme in to Co-Op Classics this week, as there is a sweet little gem from the early 90s featuring the shambling undead: Zombies Ate My Neighbors.  Besides having one of the best names of any game, ever, it has quite a bit in common with the recent blockbuster co-op zombiefest, Left 4 Dead.  Sacrilege, you say?  Read on to see what I mean.

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Our Weekend in Gaming

It's time for another new feature on Co-Optimus.  I know... "Nick, enough with the new features already!"  Nay!  Everyone loves Fridays...why?  Because that means an extra amount of time to get our game on!  Every week the Co-Optimus staff will let you know their gaming plans, and then...we want to hear yours!

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News Finally Integrates into PSN

One of the best features of Xbox Live is the extension of it that exists in web format.  Friends lists, messages, achievments and now the marketplace are all available anytime, anywhere.  After 2 years, the folks at Sony have finally matched suit - as PlayStation Network accounts are now available on 

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Halo 3 and Hard Drive Installs Don't Cooperate

With all the avatars and Netflix and overall slickness, you might have forgotten one long-awaited feature of the New Xbox Experience(tm).  Installing games to the hard drive to speed up loading was certainly overdue.  I know there are a few games I have that make the disc drive on my 360 sound like a jet engine.  It seems to be a good thing that Halo 3 isn't one of them.  Installing the game to the hard drive actually increases load times!  Wonder how that works?  Bungie's Chief Caching Officer Mat Noguchi (there's a catchy title) explains.

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