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Activision and USO Team Up to Help Troops Co-op

  In a surprising but pleasant twist to the usual video game marketing story, Activision has partnered with the United Service Organization to connect members of the United States Armed Forces with civilian gamers via Call of Duty: World at War and Guitar Hero III. The idea of the project is to boost moral, a mission that the USO was f...

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Beyond Co-Op - November 2nd through November 8th

It was an eventful week in America.  We now know who our next president will be, and you know what that means?  No more friggin political commercials.  Thank Billy!  On the gaming front there was a few interesting tidbits out there, as there's still a few AAA titles on the horizon before Black Friday in the US. 

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The GameDaily HUD - Big Games Storm

The whole HUD crew is back together again, and to celebrate the format is switched up a little bit.  How so?  Well we've still got 4 questions, but we've made them a little more "opinionated."  Curious?

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Upgrade Your Halo Wars, Get Halo 3 Content Early

  Sometimes it's cool to be a Halo fan, because let's face it: you're in the majority. Other times, however, it ends up feeling just...dirty. Not a guilty kind of dirty; more like a whoa, hey, who's touching me from behind dirty. This post has a dual purpose, I suppose. On the one hand, it's an announcement of sorts -- on the other, i...

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Co-Op Classics: Rush'n Attack

In case you've been hiding under a rock the past few days, and haven't checked out our banner, we're a little bit excited about the release of Gears of War 2 today.  In keeping with the theme, then, I decided to go with a classic that was similar in tone to Gears 2.  Perusing the list of classics in our database, I found Rush'n Attack.  I'm sure there are closer matches to Gears of War, but both games feature macho soldiers, a variety of weapons, and, well, war.  I downloaded the demo off of Xbox Live Arcade, and tried it out for a bit.  That experience is the focus of Co-Op Classics this week.

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