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Nobody tell Paradox, ok?

New Frozenbyte Co-Op Game Nine Parchments Coming in 2017

Finnish developer Frozenbyte is moving away from their puzzle-platformer wheelhouse (Trine) with their next co-op title, though there appears to be a little bit of a tie-in. The Nine Parchments will follow four wizards of the Astral Academy who are attempting to circumvent the long process required to master titular scrolls in favor of a more direct approach.

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Horrors and Tea

Monsters and Monocles Hits Early Access Today, View our Stream Recap

I must admit, I'm sort of surprised to see so many co-op twin-stick shooters lately. It's a good thing, don't get me wrong, it's one of my favorite genres of games - after all I created one myself. It's just surprising because they always seemed sort of niche. Perhaps Monsters and Monocles, launching today on Steam Early Access, is the very embodiment of that. Combining steampunk, horror, and retro goodness into a four player twin-stick game.

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