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Lizardmen, devils, and Nazis, oh my! Oh yeah, and the SNES Classic

New Co-Op Game Releases - September 26 Edition

We're coming to the close of September, which means Fall is officially kicking off. Next month is the appropriate time to start putting up Halloween decorations AND NOT THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST, CONVENIENCE STORES!!! Anyways, there are a handful of co-op title releases this week, like Cuphead and Total War: WARHAMMER 2, as well as the arrival of the SNES Classic and the final DLC for Nioh.

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Updated for Modern Age and includes 70 Games

[E3 2017] - AtGames Re-Releasing Sega Genesis Classic Gaming Hardware

Sega Genesis Flashback, Classic Game Console, and the Ultimate Portable Game Player. Each console and portable system includes a selection of built-in Sega Genesis games, HD support for output, and in one case - even supports classic Sega Genesis cartridges. The Sega Genesis Flashback is inspired by the original console and includes 85 ...

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Someone hit the wrong button.

X-Men Arcade Game Vanishes from PSN, Stays on XBLA

Like one of Gob's little tricks ("They're illusions, Michael."), X-Men Arcade has been pulled from PlayStation Network without notice. The wacky thing is that it's still up on Xbox Live Arcade. Licensing issues? Excess of tachyon particles building up at Sony HQ? No official word has been released, so we're free to speculate and assume the worst!

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No partner for the zombie apocalypse

State of Decay Will Not Receive Co-Op

If you have been following the video game world lately, then chances are you have heard about the smash hit XBLA game State of Decay. An open world sandbox game based around surviving a zombie apocalypse, State of Decay is a dream come true for many gamers. While it might be a little rough around the edges, the underlying concept and gameplay has managed to hook in over half a million sales. In fact, the game is the second fastest selling XBLA game behind the one and only MInecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

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