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The inks and outs of Salmon Run

Splatoon 2 Co-Op FAQ

While the overall goal of Splatoon 2's co-op mode, Salmon Run, is fairly straightforward, the different permutations (i.e., local/adhoc network vs online), when you can play online, how you can connect with friends, and the rewards is a bit confusing. We've done our best to break this down and answer some of the more frequent questions about it.

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Save, don't sacrifice your time - many of your co-op FAQs answered here

Soul Sacrifice Co-Op FAQ

Soul Sacrifice is often compared to the Monster Hunter games for its party-based, monster-killing gameplay. Unsurprisingly, there are some big differences, and with its unique save-or-sacrifice mechanic as well as both online and Ad Hoc co-op, some questions about the co-op are sure to arise. We try to answer some of the FAQs in our Soul Sacrifice Co-Op FAQ.

by Andrew Gaskill 15
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Dark Souls Co-Op FAQ

Welcome to the Co-Optimus Dark Souls Co-Op FAQ! The goal of this guide to answer all of your co-op questions. We will cover the co-op aspects of the game while briefly touching on some of the other online interactions. The guide is relatively spoiler free, but it will mention a handful of basic gameplay items. Dark Souls is a very deep, very complicated, and non-traditional game with multiple methods of player interaction.

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