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And it features giant flame-throwing scorpion mutants.

ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination Comes to Early Access

Defense games are fertile ground for cooperative gameplay. Developer Nano Games is very much aware of this, and that's why multiplayer was high on the list when they started work on ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination. The arcade game has just hit Steam Early Access and promises weekly updates with more of everything that makes it such a tempting purchase.

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Consoles are Dead. Long live the game.

The (De)Evolution of Video Games

It all started with an article from TechCrunch called “The Console Market is in Crisis.” The quick of it is this - comparing this generation of consoles to last in terms of raw sales numbers shows a steep decline in total sales when looking at the North American market. All console sales combined were down almost 60% with the market shr...

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