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I remember when they were just special Chaos uints

Beastmen Race Coming to Total War: WARHAMMER Next Week

I've been spending a lot of time playing Total War: WARHAMMER these past few days. I have fond memories of the tabletop version back when I was in high school and, for me, Creative Assembly has done an excellent job of translating that into a video game that captures many of its ideas and mechanics. While not all of the playable races/factions may be present, CA has plans to add at least one more, the Beastmen, very soon.

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Look, I'm not saying it's the only list you'll ever need, but I am literally saying it's the only list you'll ever need.

Steam Summer Sale 2016 Co-Op Staff Picks

With Steam's 2016 Summer Sale in full effect, we here at Co-Optimus decided that it might be best to provide some sort of guide to help weary bargain hunters navigate the proverbial labyrinth of deals.  After all, what kind of cooperative gaming site would we be if we let our buddies get bogged down in the free-to-play quagmire?  What kind of authorities would we be if our site's stance on adventure games was "yeah, I dunno, they're probably all pretty good or whatever"?  I dare not dream of a world in which we cannot offer our suggestions to the unwashed masses.

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