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A last minute change, but all to make the game better!

Warlocks Gets a Slight Name Change, Update With Steam Early Access Release

Developers One More Level and Frozen District's big announcement is that Warlocks has been renamed to Warlocks vs Shadows! Now, don't be alarmed: it's still the same epic pixel brawler we've covered in the past. However, with a new title and a few new updates for the recent Steam release, the game looks and plays better than ever. ...

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Nick and Dave share their thoughts on putting their co-op knowledge to work

Indie-Ana Co-Op and the SCHAR Post-Mortem

Many of the users on this site likely recognize Nick Puleo as our former managing editor/Co-Optimus founder. A few may also recognize him as one of the two gentlemen, the other being Dave Paul, behind Brain Shape Games. This month in Indie-Ana Co-Op, Nick and Dave give breakdown for us how they went about developing the co-op for SCHAR: Blue Shield...

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Capcom is releasing their own local co-op mode in response!

Community Mod Adds Local Co-op to Resident Evil Revelations 2

Capcom might've pulled a fast one on the PC community by stating that Resident Evil Revelations 2 wouldn't contain any local co-op mode at the last minute. However, the modding community says otherwise. of local co-op are now able to play the game locally using a mod developed by a fan.

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